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Interstate 90 Interstate 90

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State Highway Designation: 90I
Official Name: Governor Thomas E. Dewey New York State Thruway
Control Cities: Albany, Boston, Buffalo
Length: 617.41 km (385.88 Miles)
Pennsylvania State Line: Interstate 90, New York State Thruway, Ripley
Massachusetts State Line: Interstate 90, New York State Thruway, Austerlitz
Maintenance: New York State Department of Transportation
New York State Thruway Authority

Interstate 90 is divided into three sections in New York. All three parts of Interstate 90, which consist of the New York Thruway, Albany-Rensselaer Counties and the Berkshire Spur.

The New York State Thruway was opened in 1954, connecting Albany with other towns across New York. It was not until 1956 when the Interstate 90 designation was given to the New York Thruway. Today, the Thruway portion of Interstate 90 serves Northwestern Albany County and Schenectady County with a six lane freeway.

First named as "The Northside Route" in a 1954 report from the New York State Public Works Department, Interstate 90's route through Albany was developed. It was not till May 1972 when Interstate 90 from the Albany-Northway Interchange, Exit 24, of the Thruway to the Everett Road Interchange, Exit 5, was completed. In mid 1972, Interstate 90 was completed from the Everett Road Interchange to the Route 4 Interchange, Exit 9. The remaining portion of Interstate 90 from the Route 4 Interchange to the Berkshire Spur were completed by 1973.

The Berkshire Spur was completed in 1958 and linked Interstate 90 from the Rensselaer Interchange, Exit B1, to the Massachusetts State Line.

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"Mid-Crosstown Arterial", 1968; New York State Department of Transportation.
"New York State Thruway Fact Book" Web Site; New York State Thruway Authority.

Interstate 90 shield at Thruway milepost 154. Through New York State, Interstate 90 is part of the New York State Thruway. Only through Albany and Rensselaer Counties is Interstate 90 non toll supported.

A few of Interstate 90 from the Route 146 bridge. Interstate 90 is mostly a six lane freeway in the Capital District area.

Interstate 90 at the Campus Connector Interchange, Exit 3, facing Westbound.

The Everett Road Interchange, Exit 5, on Interstate 90 Westbound.

The Mid-Crosstown Arterial Interchange, Exit 6, on Interstate 90 Eastbound.

The Route 43 Interchange, Exit 8, on Interstate 90 Eastbound.

Interstate 90 Westbound, in Rensselaer County. A guide sign for the Route 4 Interchange, Exit 9.

Interstate 90 facing Eastbound, from the Elliot Road bridge.

Interstate 90 facing Eastbound from the Rensselaer Rest Area. This section of Interstate 90 is a four lane freeway.

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