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New York 85 New York 85

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State Highway Designation: 85
Official Name: New York State Touring Route 85
Control Cities: Albany, Rensselaerville, Slingerlands
Length: 42.62km (26.49 Miles)
Southern Terminus: Albany County Roads 351 & 353, Rensselaerville
Northern Terminus: Interstate 90 at the Crosstown Arterial Interchange, Exit 4
Maintenance: New York State Department of Transportation

Route 85 is mainly a two lane roadway, serving much of Albany County. However, once in the City of Albany, Route 85 becomes a four lane freeway serving the western end of the city.

Also known as the Crosstown Arterial, Route 85 was once planned, in 1967, to end north of its current terminus at the canceled Interstate 687. However, when plans for Interstate 687 were scrapped in 1973, so were plans for the Route 85 extension.

Today, Route 85 is a major artery serving Albany, Bethlehem and New Scotland. Plans are in the works to construct a bypass around New Scotland Avenue near Slingerlands. Route 85 would be extended south, from where it curves into New Scotland Avenue, around the current Price Chopper plaza, near the Cherry Avenue Extension, Route 140.

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"Mid-Crosstown Arterial", 1968; New York State Department of Transportation.

Route 85 at the Krumkill Road Interchange. This is one of a few interchanges that Route 85 hosts on the Crosstown Arterial.

Route 85 from the Route 20, Western Avenue, overpass. The Route 20 interchange on Route 85 doesn't connect directly with Route 20, therefore traffic must use local streets to connect between Routes 20 & 85.

Route 85 also connects with the Governor Harriman State Office Campus. This photo was also taken from the Western Avenue overpass, the fence from the bridge can be seen.

Route 85 terminates at Interstate 90 in Albany. The Crosstown Arterial was to continue north at this point to the also non existant Interstate 687.

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