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Interstate 787 Interstate 787

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State Highway Designation: 787I
Official Name: Interstate 787
Control Cities: Albany, Troy
Length: 16.35km (10.16 Miles)
Southern Terminus: Interstate 87, New York State Thruway at Albany-Downtown Interchange, Exit 23.
Northern Terminus: New York Route 7, Hoosick Street, Troy
Maintenance: New York State Department of Transportation

Interstate 787 was first known as "The Riverfront Route" in proposed plans from the 1950s by the New York State Public Works Department. Plans would have had the highway connect with another proposed freeway called the Northern Expressway in the vincinty of the current Circle Stack Interchange near Downtown Albany. In 1954, the Riverfront Route's southern terminus was refined to what it is today, the Downtown Albany Interchange of the New York State Thruway.

Interstate 787 travels along the western shore of the Hudson River, connecting Albany to Troy, where Interstate 787 crosses over the Hudson River on the Collar City Bridge. Interstate 787 is arranged in such a way that its true termini are not actually signed.
The Southern Terminus is sign along State Route 912S, which is the freeway that continues to Southern Blvd.
The Northern Terminus of Interstate 787 is not signed at all, as State Route 787 continues the freeway north to Cohoes. Signs for Interstate 787 Northbound, over the Collar City Bridge, were removed to prevent confusion.

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"Mid-Crosstown Arterial", 1968; New York State Department of Transportation.

Interstate 787 at the Downtown Albany Toll Plaza, Exit 23, of the New York State Thruway.

Interstate 787 looking Northbound at the Port of Albany Interchange, Exit 2.

Interstate 787 at the Circle Stack Interchange in Albany. The ramps in this interchange form a circle that can be seen from above.

The Circle Stack Interchange from the Erastus Corning 2nd Tower. Interstate 787 enters from the right and heads northbound to the left of the photo.

Interstate 787 at the Interstate 90 Stack Interchange.

Interstate 787 Southbound, approaching the Menands Interchange, Exit 6. The Albany Skyline can be seen in the background.

Interstate 787 at the Route 7 interchange. Interstate 787 turns onto Route 7 East into Troy, but is unsigned.

Interstate 787 at its Northern Terminus in Troy. Interstate 787 Ends at Fifth Street, where the Collar City Bridge Ends.

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