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Interstate 687 Interstate 687

As one of Albany's cancelled freeways, Interstate 687, also known as The Northside-Northway Connection, would have served Albany as a connection between Interstates 87 and 90. Starting at what is now the Corporate Woods Blvd Interchange, Exit 5A of Interstate 90. Interstate 687 would have extended through Colonie in a northwestern direction before ending at Interstate 87, near Wolf Road.

Interstate 687 was developed from a 1957 plan of Albany freeways. The Northside-Northway Connection was the original designation for the planned route. Interstate 687's designation was then given to the Northside-Northway Connection in the 1960s. Interstate 687's route was planned to go through the residential neighborhoods of the town of Colonie. Interchanges were planned at Everett Road, Osborne Road, the extension of the Route 85 Crosstown Arterial from Interstate 90, and Wolf Road.

In 1971, the Interstate 687 Interchange on Interstate 90 was built. This would later become the only physical evidence of Interstate 687. Opposition grew from Colonie residents who were in the planned path of construction for the Interstate. Interstate 687 was then withdrawn from Capital District highway plans in 1973, due to funding changes that prevented its construction. Eventually, in 1977, Interstate 687 was withdrawn from the National Interstate System.

Today, the interchange once build for Interstate 687, Exit 5A, is now used for Corporate Woods Blvd. Funds for Interstate 687 were later used for the construction of the Route 7 Freeway in Latham and for the upgrade of the Interstate 87 and 90 Interchange.

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A view of where the interchange for Corporate Woods Blvd ends. The second project of Interstate 687 construction would have begun here.

A 1957 map proposal of the Northside-Northway Connection.

A 1967 map proposal of Interstate 687. Now showing a connection to the Crosstown Arterial.

The Corporate Woods Blvd Interchange, Exit 5A, on Interstate 90 in Albany.

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