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United States 20 United States 20

State Highway Designation: 20
Official Name: United States Route 20
Control Cities: Albany, Duanesburg, Pittsfield
Length: 599.08km (372.33 Miles)
Pennsylvania State Line: Ripley
Massachusetts State Line: New Lebanon
Maintenance: New York State Department of Transportation
Albany Department of General Services

Known for being the longest United States Route, Route 20 passes through the Capital District though Albany.

Route 20 enters the area as a regular two lane roadway. Once in Guilderland, Route 20 expands into a 4 lane roadway. Passing by various shopping plazas and the area's largest mall, Crossgates Mall. Route 20 then meets up with the southern terminus of the Fuller Road Extension, also known as the Adirondack Northway.

Route 20 then enters the City of Albany, the only major city Route 20 passes through in New York. Route 20 enters Albany on Western Avenue, before turning onto Madison Avenue. Once on Madison Avenue, Route 20 passes by the historic Madison Theatre, and Albany's Washington Park. Route 20 then passes by the Empire State Plaza, in between the Corning Tower and Cultural Education Center.

Joining Route 9 at the famous Circle Stack Interchange, Routes 9 & 20 enter Rensselaer County. Route 20 is joined with Route 9 for most of it's journey though Rensselaer County. Route 20 becomes independent in Schodack, before entering Columbia County and then into Massachusetts.

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Western Avenue in Guilderland, Albany County. Route 20 serves as a major traffic artery through Albany County.

Western Turnpike in the Town of Guilderland. Route 20 is mostly a two lane roadway west of Route 146.

Route 20 in Guilderland, near the entrance to Crossgates Mall.

Western Avenue in Albany's residential area.

The transission of Route 20 from Western to Madison Avenue in Albany's Pine Hills Neighborhood.

The two lane section of Madison Avenue in Albany. This is known as one of Albany's Historic Sections.

Route 20 passing by the Empire State Plaza in Albany. The Corning Tower is the second building from the left. The Cultural Education Center is to the right.

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